Strothertowne Pet Hospital


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We offer the following services

Medicine & Wellness care

Even if your pet isn't showing any signs of illness, an annual exam is an important foundation to making sure they stay healthy. Finding health issues early is important and makes treatment that much more successful (and less expensive) than treating the later stages of disease and illness. Wellness exams also help us get to know not only your pet, but you as their caretaker, better so that we can offer even more personalized care.  

We also offer microchipping, immunizations, and a well-stocked pharmacy.


We routinely perform a wide range of surgeries from spay and neuters, to mass removal to wound repair, to more complicated procedures like entropion. We also offer orthopedic consults. 

When appropriate, we offer laser surgery, which allows for quicker recovery time and less pain for your pet. 

end of life compassion

Having to say goodbye to a loved pet, no matter what age, is one of the hardest things any caretaker will have to do. Our bereavement suite is located away from the rest of the clinic with a private door so that you can take your time saying goodbye and leave when you're ready. 


Periodontal disease is one of the most common ailments in dogs and cats, affecting over 80% of dogs and 70% of cats by the time they turn three years old. The good news is that this is entirely preventable.  

We offer dog and cat dental cleanings, and recommend having your pet's teeth checked every year to see if they might be suffering from dental issues. Many times owners have no idea that their pet's teeth are in bad shape. More than just having to deal with bad breath, toxins from periodontal disease can be the culprit in kidney, heart, and liver issues. Your pet's oral health is important not only to their overall general health, but also to their comfort and happiness. 

digital radiology 

Our in-house radiology suite makes it possible for us to provide immediate results and answers for what might be ailing your pet. 

In-house lab work

We have the ability to do many types of bloodwork in-house, which means faster results (and answers) for you and your pet. 

Laser therapy

We utilize laser therapy as a surgery-free, drug-free, and noninvasive treatment option for pets who could benefit from pain and inflammation reduction, and to speed healing. This is particularly helpful for dogs who are dealing with dermatological disorders like hot spots and allergies, older dogs who have degenerative join disease or arthritis, pets who have issues with hip dysplasia, and for general wound healing as a way to speed the recovery process.

Most treatments only take a matter of minutes and all your pet feels is a gentle and soothing warmth. 

prescription diets

Our wide selection of prescription diets for dogs and cats makes it easy to find something that will work for your pet.